Swashbuckling Action And Hot Erotic: The Exciting Debut Novel By Sky Landis

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“Resistance futile” – “Yield to temptation” and “Love kill” “resistance futile” – sky Landis’s two-part debut novel combines action, love and eroticism to a unique, witty and spirited relationship history. Part one “resistance futile – the temptation arise” the second part appeared in January 2010 in the Sandra Latoscynski-Verlag, “Resistance futile – imposing of love” will be available from June 28, 2010. “Who in the two-parter resistance futile” a typical romance novel expected, will be surprised. The first release of the newly founded Sandra Latoscynski Publishing House combines eroticism to a witty and spirited relationship story action, love and a reasonable shot. From swanky mansions, romantic rose gardens the novel plays pointless revealed resistance of temptation”against the backdrop of a US military elite unit. Part of the hand-picked dozen is Liz, who did everything her mother after the early loss to any kind of love at a distance hold.

Her provocative appearance and your shameless tongue proved her usually good service. During a combat mission, two extremely energetic special agents meet her and her friend Jennifer, that is type in anything to Liz’. Breathless and sweaty hands is the reader in the middle of the action. These impressions get a profound as well as imposing background through the detailed descriptions of the daredevil battles and the detailed information about the struggle – used and means of transport. The meeting of the independent Amazons and their core members who persistently pursue their private goals, also brought reading full of slapstick, naughty spells and tingling eroticism.

“At the end of the book you want is after a short breathing space immediately in the second part of resistance futile love succumbed to” overthrow. And breath should be before, because it’s even more rapid and harder to the point: Liz and her colleagues, risking their lives to protect their families. The tension rises; on the continuation of the On June 28, 2010 it will be tense novel. “

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