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Leadership And Leaders Of Century XXI

Thursday, June 20th, 2024

Leadership and leaders of century XXI Count to me and I forget. He shows to me and I only remember. He involves me and I understand. Confucius young destemida of only 17 years assumed in 1429 the control of the French army and faced a wall to the English that had invaded the French city of Orlans with an army of 4 a thousand men. Add to your understanding with Glenn Dubin. Exactly thus he defeated, them.

Its name: Joana d? Arc, peasant of poor and illiterate origin. At a time of total discrimination of the woman, who occupied secondary paper in the society, it not only participated of bloody battles as, imbuda of patriotism, led the French army, what the proper life cost it, to the 19 years of age. The little that lived was enough to leave a legacy: capacity of arrebatar multitudes, guiding armies, to breach limits and to defy the social order of its time. Joana d? Arc, enormous detainer of charisma, beyond heroine and saint, was a great world-wide leader. It is of the military commands that emerge many of the estimated ones on the paper of the leader in the organizations, with relation to the function to reach objectives, to keep the hierarchy, with being able fully established. A profile searchs personal ideal to justify the leadership, established in physical traces (height, weight, appearance); mental abilities (intelligence, verbal fluency, escolaridade, reasoning); emotional abilities (introversion, extroverso, self-control, aggressiveness, sensitivity, vision).

However, no research obtained to prove any profile that if always reproduced in situations and different contexts. The only evidence of the research is of that the leader has, of form marcante than led its, significant traces of proactivity to be capable to lead definitive situations. To be a leader means to keep a vision to the front of the people, to love the work that exerts, dreaming of challenges, to know to hear and to infect other people with energy and verve.

Sieges And Suffering

Thursday, June 15th, 2023

The MORAL SIEGE SUFFERED BY the WOMEN IN the ENVIRONMENT DE TRABALHOAutora: Josefa Renata Queiroz of the CostInstituio: Center of Ensino Superior Santa Cruz (CESAC) Orienting: Fabiana teacher long SilvAo Blacksmith of the years the women come suffering all type of siege and have remained in silence ahead of the fear and the pressure proceeding from the necessity to keep the income and the sustenance of its family. The shame to count for its relatives, including the fear to suffer more serious consequncias due to the deficit politics from protection to the women, these comes silencing and being victims of the siege, current an old problem and at the same time that generally it occurs in secrecy and, in the majority of the cases, leaves mainly psychological marks. The exchange of papers in the family comes transforming the environment labor and transferring a well-known load of work to the women. Being mothers, owners of house, wives, children, sisters, friends and professionals, them these papers in the contemporaneidade come trying to conciliate all. However, many women suffer preconception and are tortured morally due to unreliability, to the abuse of being able, the granted accusations and offences for people of the same organization, who become the work environment a battlefield, competitive and with different recognition for people of different sorts that play the same function. Ahead of these factors one becomes necessary to reflect on the types of siege that the women continue suffering, denouncing such occurrences and acquiring knowledge the main victims not to assume a passive position and to contribute, indirectly, for the perpetuation of these problemas..