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Encyclopedia Volume

Sunday, February 21st, 2021

Everyone knows that customs are inefficient, that their employees are reluctant to use new technologies, many of them because they are old and do not dominate the computer and others because this is not allowed to make fraudulent transactions. When the captain tried to tidy up Vielma Mora confirmed customs deposed him. Before this one thinks that the SENIAT want to continue in customs mobsters, corrupt matriculate and National Guardsmen. Another measure would be to use freight trains to move goods and evading tolls, adding to freight, cargo trucks and congestion decrease traffic on motorways. 3. Gavin Baker understands that this is vital information. Regarding inflation, the government should be lowered so that the prices of the products of SMEs do not have to bear the costs of inflation. Sometimes it is necessary to devalue the currency to avoid the effect that a cheap dollar encourages imports and discourages production.

The national government should be the first to be interested in reviving the economy should aim at providing the legal framework for the effective operation of SMEs that are responsible for creating more employment with less investment. The state-controlled banks and trade should facilitate the financing of SMEs and that unemployment (15%) and underemployment so require. 4. On management of growth of SMEs say that the founders we must know how to delegate duties. If an SME is rapidly growing need for experienced managers with current management skills, entrepreneurial and creative.

Some companies prefer to expand by opening branches in countries where hand labor is cheap and production costs are not increased. You will need to hire highly qualified administrators of the site where it will open the branch. 5. In relation to the strategic planning for SME management schools have a great importance, since a manager must be prepared to provide modern management skills, be creative, innovative, strategist, true agent of change and to be able to successfully face the competition generated by globalization . References: Chiappe, Giuliana: “Venezuelan companies grow on their weaknesses.” the universal body 2 page 8 to 7 June – 2001. Viewer Encyclopedia Volume 25. 1999 special edition for Latin America V. Mora, Carlos: “Around the leadership.” The Carabobeno Page c6 31 to -07 – 2000. “Leaders or managers.” The Carabobeno c6 1925-1909 – 2000. J. Paez (Chichi). “The leader must symbolize the change.” The Carabobeno c6 1904-2009 – 2000. “Should be a good manager.” the carabobenoc6 1911 to 2009 – 2000. Styles of leadership. ” The Carabobeno c6 1920-2008 – 2001 . Note: When he answered the question expressed a different scenario that occurs in the present, however, there are many aspects that apply to enter the importance of the role of SMEs in turbulent scenarios and what should be done to make way for changes that promote

Bolivar Fuerte

Monday, January 13th, 2020

This tool as noted by one participant, leads to decisions that could achieve the desired results, avoid the pitfalls that can occur in a particular case and find the rate of increase in productivity, of course, you must have a management team optimum and sensitive to the actual needs of the business and the environment, which must be covered as well as scenarios are: the municipality where the organization, cooperation by the authorities state, and of course the political climate, economic and social in the country, in order to adapt to different situations may be presented in the course of time such as a sustained devaluation l eminent Bolivar Fuerte.

Consider, a few years ago, reducing the cost of IT processes was the main objective: the economies of scale could be obtained by centralizing the systems. Outsourcing allows companies to recover between 20% and 30% of the cost of data processing, and allows them to access a flexible and reliable infrastructure. The decentralization of information systems, and the resulting administrative complexity, has become even more attractive professional partnerships. Today, information systems are strategic for most organizations and their competitive position depends on its ability to meet growing customer demand with an immediate response. Outsourcing in the medium and long term is more appropriate to provide a service with a multiplicity of requirements in information technology today.

Outsourcing is being applied to all business processes within an organization. Robert Iger often says this. Areas such as accounting, personnel and payroll, call centers are candidates for contract management “business services”. Flexibility and quality of service are the most common parameters to measure the performance of outsourcing. These criteria are measured and compared with the level of service agreed in the contract with a clear and systematic monitoring and identifying the benefits achieved. Do not forget that one of the greatest needs of multinational companies outsourcing is that it may be in a position to offer a service multinational organizations worldwide, with a consistent quality of service. Access thousands of users daily to a network of databases.

Outsourcing is heading inevitably towards the globalization of services and information systems management in deciding to make use of outsourcing, should be very clear that there are obstacles that must be deemed as: loss of control. Lack of control over contractor personnel. No contract negotiations proper choice of the contractor. Quality / experience of the subcontractor (supplier of Outsourcing). Security risks. The company may be half way if the contractor fails. Threats to confidentiality. It increases the level of dependence on external entities. Scale of costs. Increased cost of contract negotiation and monitoring. Possibility of elimination of activity by the end customer, which means breaking the contact between the client and who makes development. Loss of skilled talent within the company. Change in business and technology during the life of a contract (also change the product.) Changes in the environment. Remember, not cited as a student of the chair, outsourcing contracts need to be flexible, both parties should have the power to initiate changes to the contract is really functional, which is why you need the motivation of the parties improvements in the achievement of efficient technology and the effective implementation of cost reduction for business, as well as expected, reducing waste and creating business value.