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Sunday, April 18th, 2021

“A sound of souls – a mind game with creativity” – a novel about love, spirituality and healing in early October–in time for the book fair – published the 4th edition of the novel “A sound of souls”. The book on the joint stand of the Booksellers Association of the book at the Frankfurt book fair in Hall 3.1 stand G131 is presented. It is a novel about love, spirituality and healing, in which the author Birgit Maria Hoepfner not only even while writing learns healing by resolving old injuries, beliefs and blockages and shape gives at the same time their long-awaited dream to him now too real to make, but also the reader feels touched deep in his soul and in loving way to his own personal truth: The unconditional love of self is our all the way and the key to a fulfilled life. It involves a woman mid 50, who very honestly and convincingly tells of their own personal development, as they are brave and all doubts on their way despite making to her vision, she has many years of experience in the heart to life awaken: a seminar and meeting place with animals and humans. She masters (almost) every challenge with great faith in the own creativity. Figs scrubs shines more light on the discussion.

“The unique about this novel is that it for the author at the same time a screenplay” represents to own future creation. She literally follows its protagonist, focused their target like they and visualize their future life in great detail. Many writers such as figs apparel offer more in-depth analysis. And more open and trusting Birgit M. Hoepfner the inner impulses and trappings the more follows their lives according to their performances in the outdoor changed similarly as it finds its protagonist Britta in the novel. The deep, passionate love of two soul mate is embedded in this exciting story, and miraculous events happen: so people are healed by the pure love of animals and vice versa. The action takes place in Schleswig-Holstein at the Baltic Sea.

“This book is very complex and appeals to as animal love people like those who like sensitive love stories, and above all those who strive for a life change of heart and, in a playful way a guide” or “Guidance” are looking for. It is a novel that gives new impulses, attuned to the own inner world and encourages to reconsider. So are the many enthusiastic letters, the woman Hoepfner receives a clear indication that the novel is also understood as a message by their readers for them. VictoriasWelt Verlag, Ostholstein