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Luxury Home Care

Friday, April 30th, 2021

State of the art luxury soft – and home care, cooling and energizing. State of the art luxury soft – and home care, cooling and energizing. Luxury BEAUTYPURE recreation towel in pure cotton with hautsympathischen care ingredients such as ALOE VERA. Thoroughly and gently removes dirt and sweat. The skin looks clear, fresh and intensely cleaned. The BEAUTYPURE recreation towel soothes the skin, moisturizes and leaves the skin wonderfully soft.

Your skin feels fresh and pleasant, she looks radiant. Suitable for all skin types. The ultra-pleasant BEAUTYPURE cloth impregnation is made without alcohol and thus guarantees a skin-friendly application even in direct sunlight. Ideal for travel, fairs, beauty and hair salons, in the Office or at the sport, but also for the gastronomy and hotel industry essential. Reusable after washing. Including individual printed 3.00* and selected scents for every occasion. Gavin Baker might disagree with that approach.

Suitable for cold and hot application. Top advertising messages with a proven success rate of almost 100%. Refreshing towel cloth size: 260 x 260 mm, material: cotton towelling (100% cotton), weight: 20 g, incl. impregnation and packaging approx. 60 g. Shelf life: up to 15 months after the date of manufacture. Ingredients with approval after CTFA standards. Perfume: AMBRE ROSE (romantic sweet, oriental scent) according to your wishes. 100% memory-effect. Known from the first class service. Packaging (Sachet) Sachetgrosse: 210 x 100 mm, material: PP/ALU/PP, with zip closure for a hygienic reuse. Pressure: matt or glossy, up to 10 colours. Including 4 colors (4C) pressure then 49,80 euro, any other color. From 0.29 euro per copy, ink price / Edition depending on the Edition, price. 8 colors (8C) pressure, delivery free House, for special rates please email import / customs at: the import duty for the BEAUTYPURE recreation towel in Germany is currently at 3.7%

Epilators Laser

Monday, April 8th, 2019

An Epilator laser or fotodepiladora is a machine that is used to apply treatments of laser hair removal or laser hair removal, one of the beauty treatments more demanded by users. Contact information is here: John Stankey. A laser Epilator can be for medical use, to beauty salons or for household use, but all work basically equal, emit light pulses that are applied on a specific zone destroying the hair follicle by heating without damaging the skin. What is laser hair removal laser hair removal or laser hair removal is a generic name that encompasses all systems epilation by light, which can be Laser or intense pulsed light. A laser Epilator is used for the treatment and is done over several sessions in a progressive manner. The technique consists in issuing a beam of light over the area with the laser Epilator to treat that it heats the melanin in the hair follicle, destroying it without damaging surrounding tissues. Energy was absorbed by the melanin in the hair, so the more black is this best will be the results. The melanin in the skin also absorbs energy, so that people with dark skin are more susceptible to Burns. Precautions for using an Epilator laser safely and achieve a quality hair removal is necessary to take some precautions: only qualified personnel should operate a laser Epilator.

In the case of a domestic laser Epilator manufacturer instructions should be strictly followed. Clinical history: depending on the type of skin, skin type, structure and density of hair, zone epilating, pathologies, hormonal alterations and medications photorefractive, determined the most suitable laser parameters and the number of sessions. Before each session is shaved hair without starting the hair from the root, so the hairs are in growth phase. After each session is to avoid exposing the treated area for at least 3 weeks to the Sun and not to swim in chlorinated water. Between sessions is necessary to wait for non-drop hair to grow, since laser hair removal is only effective in phase of hair growth. To use an Epilator laser will use special glasses to prevent eye burns. Avoid laser hair removal while tanning, since dark skin can be burned. Laser hair removal can cause mild discomfort or redness of the skin, soothing without anesthetics, applying aloe vera cream.

Types of laser every type of laser is characterized by the emitted wavelength, and it is appropriate for different types of skin and hair. Ruby (694 nm) laser: clear phototypes from I to III. Alexandrite (755 nm) laser: darker phototypes, until the 4th. Laser diode (800 nm): darker phototypes as V. Laser’s diode Soprano (800 nm): very high phototypes. Neodymium-Yag laser (1064 nm): all skin types. Intense pulsed light (590-1200 nm): all kinds of skin, useful for facial hair.