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Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

As the argument consists of more than refuting the Jewish-Christian-Islamic tradition of 4,000 years, mainly the evanglicas churches, launching hand of exterior authorities to the source that bases this great tradition, with intention to change it and to make to accept it with pfios arguments its position that is total avessa to the set of sacred books. I am not defending that any tradition is untouchable, it interests what me are the arguments. For example, the groups homosexuals fight the Christian church for not opening hand of its certainties how much to the conviction to the homosexuality, if using of seeming of the World-wide Organization of the Health that very does not treat as illness the homosexuality.

The error consists of following: hand of an authority is launched that is fruit of a convention, without demonstrating the reasons that the OMC uses to validate its thesis, what in logic if it calls fallacy I appeal it to the authority or ad they Amerindian, as if all the Christians, Jews and Muslen of the world, only because of the uprising of the OMC, must deny and disdain, or same to interpret of different form what sets of ten of texts of its sacred Holy Writ say so explicit how much to the homossexualismo, and this after millenia of tradition monotheist. To wait such thing with one interglacial of this is at least naivety. The third false argument very used by the proponents of the homossexualismo, with intention to win the debate and to impose the acceptance of the practical homosexual to the Christian community, as practical healthful and morally praiseworthy it is the following one: The church must open hand of the conviction to the homosexuality and accept the homosexuals without distinction, because many homosexuals had tried to abandon practical its through of the church and they had not obtained, although to try; what it proves this is innumerable former – former – gays, that is, those that had been former-gays and come back behind..


Saturday, July 15th, 2017

Inside of this context, the author indicates that the games help to create an enthusiasm on content to be worked in order to consider the interests and the motivations of the educandos in expressing themselves, acting and to interact in the carried through playful activities in the classroom. Considering playing a natural activity of the child, one becomes necessary new boardings concerning the playful one, to better understand its meaning in function of a good development and construction of the human knowledge. Of this form, valley to point out that to play it is very important while stimulates the intellectual development of the child, also teaches, without it perceives, the necessary habits to this growth. (Bettelheim apud Maluf, 2003, p 19). In this direction, the playful one is accented as basic instrument for the affective and social intellectual development of the human being, as well as stimulates the development of some physical abilities, making possible a chance for the child to express and to communicate of spontaneous form its beliefs, attitudes, criatividades and values. Ahead of this vision, Maluf (2003, P. 33) says that Imagining fantasiando, the child will be able to live deeply the challenges, she will instigate its curiosity in everything, and will learn with more creativity. Discovery Communications is full of insight into the issues. Ahead of this vision, it is perceived that playing it is presented as a learning space as well as means, for the child, an inspiration and approach of an assimilation process being this inserted one in the educative way.

Valley to remember that Maluf (2003, P. 33) says that: It is through playing that the child goes differentiating its interior world (fancies, desires and imagination) of its exterior, that is the reality for all shared. Of this form, it is perceived that in the playful o individual it wants are adult, wants are children can play to its way, using to advantage of this experience all learning for which they are ready at that moment, being the occured learning at this moment without no immediate perception, justifies for the fact of many times the individual at the moment of the development of the activity not to have Real certainty of its learning, perceiving itself as assimilador of this process at posterior moments.