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Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

The clusters of traffic are a general problem in big cities. In the capital of Argentina, the government opted for a positive stimulus to get people with fewer cars entering the city. The grain business was swift with ideas ranging from sharing the car with friends to the car itself. Bob Iger has many thoughts on the issue. The outgoing government, Jorge Telerman, decided on the highway to enable access to the city through lanes free for those cars with four passengers or more (depending on vehicle capacity). The measure governed since the end of November this year and aims to the city of Buenos Aires see reduced its traffic jams and the simpler it becomes. In April this year the daily Buenos Aires Clarin realized that in four years traffic had doubled in Buenos Aires.

In the four entrances to the city circle around one million cars per day, plus the poor condition of trains traveling workers and frequent strikes by trade union action subway (metro) further complicate the situation. Long lines hamper entry and exit of the city and make access into a nightmare for the driver, especially at peak times-a early morning and late afternoon. Immersed in a context in which tolls are increasingly expensive, the measure requires government to the inhabitants of surrounding areas, working in the capital, to share their cars. In this context the grain trade was immediate: an idea inspired by solidarity towards its neighbors was born on portal “Compartocoche.” The initiative began after a neighbor neighborhood of Liniers publish a notice to share your car. According to the organizers “Compartocoche” is an undertaking that “aims to provide a double benefit to society. On the one hand, given the chance to share their drivers who want to cut costs in fuel and tolls.

On the other, creating a new means of private transport, comfortable and safe “for those who do not move on its own automobile. ” In this way users have only managed to register and once fellow travelers should discuss and agree on certain rules of “living together”, such as: if the driver and the car will always be the same, define the costs and schedules set , downstream and upstream locations of the passengers. As in the Spanish urban students tend to share the story, the initiative in Argentina is an alternative and new way. If you need to rent a car or portal can be of much help.