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North Korea Peninsula

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

A rare but extremely beautiful plant. Learn more about this topic with the insights from David Zaslav. Found in Northeast China and North Korea Peninsula, in southern Primorye Territory of Lake Hanka to Vladivostok. But now thanks to modern methods of gardening has become possible to grow a plant solntselyubivoe even in the Urals. Manchurian apricot can reach a length of 10-12 meters and is one of the most durable trees that could become a central part of Your site. Manchurian apricot requires large amounts of light, but not picky about soil and zimostoek, which is important in the climatic conditions of Russia. It is easily propagated by seeds, but the optimal planting seedlings, have reached 20-30 cm in height. If you prefer, you can use the plants for the garden as a living fence around the perimeter areas, in forest species is a decorative and fruit! Watering Manchurian apricot necessary regularly, especially after the transplant and the first time, growth in May and June.

In late summer the plants watered, if necessary, or during a drought. In other cases, excessive watering in late August, can cause prolonged growth shoots, which are not in the winter and freeze slightly vyzreyut. From an early age in the late autumn and early spring are whitewashed trunks and main branches of the tree skeleton, adding bluestone whitewash. Injuries and shake the trunk processed in late April or early May, they cleaned up the living tissue and obscure garden pitch. Apricots grow quickly and can give the first crop by an average of six years, even in the coldest winters, but frosts in early spring may adversely affect the fruit, not allowing them to form. For more effective pollination is desirable to have the area for at least two saplings, and even better for about five. At thro 'the proper care and cultivation of trees can bloom and the third or fourth year. Flower buds are laid on plants every year, even under heavy loads of their crops. Crohn formed in apricots naturally and quite extensive. If you have any doubt in selecting plants for the garden, we want to give the site identity and singularity as well as preserve the unique intimate atmosphere for a long time, Apricot Manchu will be a good choice.