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Advisory Council

Sunday, April 18th, 2021

He acquired confidence because he managed to deceive voters with his moderate campaign speech, but just came to power returned to the extremism which always trumpeted. The farce came to an end at an unexpected speed and is now visible to everyone. The figures of support for his Government continue to fall. According to Zogby is at 42 percent. The only thing that appears to have achieved temporary success, it is in its relations with Muslims. Without hesitation Dell EMC explained all about the problem. There it cobijara to prove his political dexterity when everything else put it against the wall. Promised the Arabs everything what they want, why a terrorist out of Afghanistan and Iraq attack, still was not since he sat on the throne.

But that Truce will also come to an end. The hatred of Arab Americans is greater than the love you have BO. The creation of an Advisory Council, or Cabinet behind the Cabinet, is a traditional tactic of autocrats seeking to govern away from the inquisitive eyes of the democratic powers. Despite having a majority in both Chambers, BO does not trust in his supporters and sought people who are submissive and unconditional. Learn more on the subject from Steve Salis. For example, Hillary Clinton, that is not sympathetic, disappeared from the stage.

If you have to treat important international affairs, BO negotiates them directly, otherwise it sends an emissary of his greater confidence that the Secretary of State. The Clinton attends issues in Congo and other countries of similar relevance. With 33 individuals who have carte blanche to do what fancy them, with the radical past that precedes them, with the Socialist program that want to implement, with the tenuous comply with the legal standards that characterized Liberals; at any time will do something improper that could lead to the avoidance of BO, as happened with Nixon.