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Thursday, August 29th, 2019

In recent times they have invaded us social networking and many can no longer live without them. I want to distinguish between the social networks that we use to keep in touch with our friends and you use them as a playful element and the professional social networks that are one part of your professional life and use them to acquire new customers and increase your contacts. In our case, the networks that matter to us are the professionals. When started all users were entrepreneurs, freelancers, entrepreneurs or people who had a position in any company and wanted to contact their customers or improve its network of contacts. Little by little these professional networks have become also a meeting point where you also have your friends and with the crisis have begun to be a point where to find employment since according to the statistics there are approximately 5 million unemployed. The other day at one of our business meetings told us the owner of a company of selection that she has stopped using them because the only thing that came to they were unemployed c.v.

(in August that is everyone’s vacation which she arrived 1500 c.v.) and she really what I wanted to achieve were customers. More and more entrepreneurs complain that part of users who try to is to have against more contacts better and do not stop to receive invitations from people who neither know nor have nothing to do with its target. According to laws of networking suggest 4 points that should not be done in social networks:-invite a possible contact to your network, or send you information directly without knowing him or have you previously reported. -Invite your contacts contacts or people you barely know. -Accept invitations from anyone if know him, without references. -Accumulate contacts that you do not contribute. We wanted to go a step further and we are creating the social network business & Networking implemented within our own website. Our social network is going to be exclusive to people with projects, entrepreneurs, self-employed or entrepreneurs.

Not going to be room for an administrator who wants to change employment or be in contact with a friend who works at a different company to yours and under the name of the company using the network for this purpose, etc. all companies or people who want to be within the social network business & Networking must be clear what your potential customer and that is what they are looking for and offer. Each profile will be examined for approval and we want from business & Networking help you to create synergies between entrepreneurs and others. In this month of October it will be ready for use and if someone wants to enter it we can send the request through our website, on the contact tab, and when we opening it, I’ll send the invitation. As always only I can invite you to our business meetings.