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Organic Law

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

The health care assistance was disponibilizada, in the scope of the public sector, only to the insured of the system of Social welfare, integrated to formal market of work. The legislation that regulated the National System of Health consecrated this division between action of collective reach, of Public health, with sanitary and preventive character under responsibility of the individual action and Health department of curativa nature, in charge of the Ministry of the Providence and Assistncia Social (MPAS). The process of redemocratizao of the Country, in the decade of 80, with the magnifying of the popular organization and the emergency of new social actors, produced the magnifying of the demands on the State and unchained a strong social movement for the universalizao of the access and the recognition of the universal health as right and to have of the State. The movement of the Sanitary Reformation congregated actors diversified in a battle politics for the recognition of the social health as right, for the universalizao of the access to the health services and for the completeness of the attention to the health, in ampler fight for the construction of the citizenship that it marked the end of the military regimen. Continue to learn more with: Jeffrey L. Bewkes. 8 National Conference of Health carried through in 1986 was a landmark in the process of transformation of the Brazilian public health.

The final report of the conference served of base to the text that guaranteed, in the Constitution of 1988, the Chapter of the Health. In 1990 it is institutionalized in Laws 8080/90 and 8142/90 (Organic Law of the Health). The process of implantation of the Only System of Sade is initiated (SUS). It brings obtains alternatives to face the serious problems of Brazilian health public that if drag per decades. The SUS guarantees to all the right the health by means of the principles of: Equity, Completeness, Decentralization, Universality and Social.Organiza Participation the public service of health aiming at the given improvement of the quality of the services and atendimentos.

Central Asia

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Cotton (Gossypium hirsutm L.), Guaco (cymbifera Aristolochia Mart. & Zucc.), Marcela (Achyrocline satureioides (they lam.), Bakes pirce, sugar cane of heath). Substitute: Breaking connecting rod rock (Eclipta alba L.). Third presented treatment: 1 phase: Plants to decompose virus HIV Titnia (flower of the Amaznia), Barbatimo (Stryphnodendron adstringens (Mart.), liana a thousand men Cymbifera Aristolochia, Pico (pilosa Bidens L.), salsaparrilha (Smilax japicanga), artemisis (Artemia absinnthiumL.) It bleeds d? water. (Angustiflia Lavandula Mill.) Substitute: Lavender. Hear from experts in the field like Walt Disney for a more varied view. (Angustiflia Lavandula Mill.) After the constatao of the elimination of the HIV/AIDS.Primeira treatment suggestion. Alfava, bake-fish, Jamelo (Syzygium cumini L), bolt, goiabeira (Psilidum guajava L), melissa, grass-cideira (Melissa officinalis L.), a thousand in rama (Achillea milefolium L.) (substitute) Prpolis 10%.

Second suggestion of treatment: Catuaba (avense Anemopaegma (Vell.)) , Pitanga (uniflora Eugenia L) Embauba (Cecropia pachystachya Trecul), Guaatonga (Casearia sylvestris sw), Vera aloe (Gossypium hirsutm L.), cotton, Neen (Nin). SH is the composition derived from the cambrio of Cortexs Mori and Flos Carthani that grow to the North of Thailand with the varieties ' ' Radix astragali' ' e' ' Radix glycyrrhizae' ' e' ' Artemisae scorporiae' ' that they are born of the interior of China, the director of the project he is the doctor Virat Klinbyauyem. The pulp of Rome (Punica granatum L.) also stimulates the system of used defense being very. Had access in the day ' ' (…) the used grass more in the United States is equincea, ginseg, garlic, astrgalo. In countries as England and it practises it to the United kingdom in best of the hypotheses an imperfect art. In Germany, the use of vegetal drugs is a science. It has many reasons for this. The tradition certainly cannot be disrespected. However, the main reason is, without a doubt, the system clearly of laws and regularmentos that governs the sales and use of such products in that one pas.' ' (Schulz, Hansel, Tyler (2002) Ginseng: The root of ginseng and its preparations already were gifts in the traditional medicine of eastern Asia more than have 2000 years Against infections ginseg (Panax ginseng) ' ' The root of ginseg and its preparations had a place established in the traditional arts of cure of Central Asia.