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Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

The Atlantis nature and environment Film Festival runs from 9 to 17 October in the Caligari FilmBuhne, Wiesbaden. The Atlantis nature and environment Film Festival runs from 9 to 17 October in the Caligari FilmBuhne, Wiesbaden. Culture and Environment Councillor Rita Thies, Katja Wiese and Managing Director Naturefund Kane agency project manager on Monday the program of this year’s Atlantis of nature and environment Film Festival presented. Atlantis is the only natural and environmental Festival in the entire German-speaking world, both showing nature films as well as documentaries about the environment and awarded. It takes place for the third time this year and shows spectacular movies like ‘ hunting season the whalers on the Spur’, ‘Birdwatchers’ or as one of the few the cinema version of ‘HOME’, the great masterpiece by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Naturefund is partner of the Atlantis nature and environment Film Festival this year for the first time.

Rita Thies, initiator of the film festival, said the idea of Atlantis: Atlantis, the legendary fantastic Island Empire, is in the myth inextricably linked to his demise: in just a day and a night, Atlantis sank into the ocean. If we today see the fantastic beauty of our nature, usually also the thought of the dangers of this nature is present to us. Nature and the environment are now inextricably linked and Atlantis is to remember the name of the fantastic and its impermanence. We will lose forever orangutans or blue whales, if we can’t get their habitats.\” From this point of view the dates of the Festival is especially suitable, in October this year since just a few weeks after the Festival the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen takes place, by which many hope, that the community decides finally effective climate protection measures. Many films show impressively that this is urgently necessary. If you want to know what is at stake in Copenhagen, is right at the Atlantis nature and environment Film Festival.

The Dream Machine – Wish-fulfillment Made Easy

Thursday, December 24th, 2020

Implementing your own wishes more effectively they, the many small and big wishes, resulting in the private and professional life everyone knows through hypnosis CD. But the least succeed in fulfilling these wishes. Who moves to the Internet in the search, find a variety of small and large helpers who will solve this problem for the people seeking advice. Often a variety must be handled only pages, before you finally know how he can achieve his goal. Chris Mulzer, NLP trainer and Director of numerous workshops on personality development, has created a simpler concept: wish-fulfillment by the means of a hypnotic trance.

This concept has the advantage that is here promoting the objectives of the subconscious and the inhibitory effect of consciousness off over the use of reading or normal books. Chris Mulzer is the dream machine with the listeners of his hypnosis CD\”on a mental journey of fantasy. By conscious and unconscious assistance that is Define the own desires with ease. You will find details of the desiring machine, testimonials and an audio sample here. Functioning of the desiring machine\”into his hypnosis two-step to the wish-fulfillment Chris Mulzer CD in two sequences, to ensure an optimal wish-fulfillment. The first part makes clear how it formulates wishes and what you must pay attention. The listener is doing by means of small anecdotes aimed carried slowly: the gradual establishment of own goals and dreams through a clear definition of the desired.

The second part provides through hypnotic suggestion and techniques from NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), a language change, and communication model, sure that these desires directly communicated to the unconscious, so that this independent can worry by the awareness of the requirements. The hypnotic suggestion in the second part is accompanied with music specifically matching, which helps the listener, easier and faster to relax. Chris Mulzer uses the hypnotic suggestion, to bypass the consciousness of the listener and the task of the wish-fulfillment directly to the subconscious mind to pass, which uses the large part of our brain and therefore the greatest influence on our actions.