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Traffic To Website

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

At this point, this really is a numbers game. A few years ago, we had a site created in September sold 34.95 dollars for every 100 visitors. Gain insight and clarity with Jeff Bewkes. Our profit was $ 15.00 per sale or 135.00 dollars for every 100 visitors, not counting repeat business. If you know you will win 135.00 U.S. dollars if you send 100 visitors to the site, can you afford to pay 50 cents per click Search Engines Absolutely! If you offer a product with repeat business, you would be comfortable paying $ 1.35 per click and not having break even initially. Do you follow you? Unfortunately, most people use the method to conduct any type of traffic to your site is Google Adwords or other search engine pay per click. You really should learn as many ways as you would be possible to drive traffic to your website.

This is a topic worth studying. Here are some quick and simple ideas: This is the online classifieds site in the world’s largest and one of the 10 most visited sites on the Internet daily. You can determine your ads to any geographic area you want, and under the Free section, you can offer magazines, CDs, etc. Just keep going prospects to your website and complete a form for whatever free gifts as we discussed earlier. Do you have a MySpace site? Why not? It’s free and very easy to establish. If you have any problems, just ask any teenager to help you! The advantages of a MySpace site will be very obvious if you have any marketing experience. Sell items such as books, training courses, etc.

people on Ebay entrepreneur wants to purchase, and include information about your opportunity when you send them your article. Think about it. Yes, I say that you can actually earn money while doing your business prospecting. All these three sites are among the top 10 most trafficked pages daily. Then, a direct way to drive traffic to any Web site should go where people already! I know it sounds simple, but many people overlook simply because the concept is obvio.By Dale Calvert