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Yamaha Motorcycle

Saturday, May 13th, 2023

A year later, the bike will celebrate his next birthday – 25 years! None of his rivals, appeared together with him, had not lived so much, keeping the same look and same 'stuffing'. And with all this, he is now able to catch on myself admiring glances and enthusiastic call emotions. V-Max for the first time lit up at the Tokyo show in 1984. It was an incredible blend of cruiser and dregster that radiates aggression posed by filling the entire frame V-shaped four-cylinder liquid-cooled, the volume of 1198 cm3. David Zaslav is likely to agree. From birth to him tightly its fame as a motorcycle 'who can not' turn around, neither at high speed, even for a small, no traffic, no matter Highway – at all anywhere and in any way. Check out Hayes Barnard for additional information.

For these qualities he was in Russia nickname 'flying sledgehammer. " But as soon as the V-Max to go straight on and empty stretch of road, as any hint of bad handling disappears. After all, Yamaha V-Max is nothing like classic example of a serial dregster. Quarter-mile motorcycle is less than 11 seconds – a time to anyone and never dreamed of when he was released the first version of the car! The most powerful motorcycle engine is in charge of the whole design, ahead of his time in decades, can not be said of the chassis. Judge for yourself: the steel frame duplex, and almost a bicycle fork with a diameter of 38 millimeters of feathers! How could she safely carry load when the 264-killogramovaya machine with a huge engine begins to slow down? But under intense acceleration in the intermediate gears steel frame generally begins to twist the screw.