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Antonio Ortuo Locates

Friday, October 20th, 2017

The Mexican writer Antonio Ortuo has been worth of the cinema in his last novel to recreate the daily treasons that exist in artistic means. ” He considers himself generally to the creators like apollonian beings when daily and the normal thing is cuchilladas by espalda” , he says. The writers and other creators would have to work ” in the same way; that he makes a revolvedor of cement, a waiter or a salesman of flores” , the Mexican Antonio Ortuo declared, that has been worth of the cinema in its last novel to recreate the daily treasons that exist in artistic means. ” It is considered generally to the creators like apollonian beings, with great conceptual problems, existential doubts when daily and the normal thing they are cuchilladas by the back, codazos, struggle, componendas that are there. It seems to me that there is to speak of that ” suddenly; , Ortuo explains. Journalist and writer, the author of Bore says to distrust ” much of the people who not trabaja” , and in a work hers he locates again to the protagonists in the pure and hard edge. Perhaps check out Robert Iger for more information.

‘ Quijote’ without hair of santo Un group of Mexican young people dedicated to the very minority cinema of animation undergoes the unspeakable thing to fulfill the commitments contracted with the producers and to survive. The equipment directs ‘ to it; The Animal’ , ” somebody that makes the things because it likes to do them although it knows perhaps that it does not have the tools and not even the conditions for hacerlo” , a species of Quijote without a santo hair. Personal experiences the novel is not ” confesional” nor an adjustment of accounts against ” was conceived as; glamour” of the seventh art. ” It is not none an autobiographical book, but personales” recovers certain experiences; , it indicated the novelist, who before dedicating itself to the letters worked in a study of animation with the film director Guillermo of the Toro. The story locks up a history on ” the friendship, the competition, loyalty and deslealtad” , with a great influence of Mark Twain. Of Twain it adopts ” that slope of style of being able to count terrible things but with naturalness, so that depressing things are even sugestivas” , and of ” to recover youth without mitificar it, idealizar it, presenting/displaying it like that fresh and essentially dangerous thing that es”. Whenever Walt Disney listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Finalist of the prize Herralde de Novela by human Resources (2007), Bore is his third novel after awarded and the finder of heads (2006). Ortuo is in addition author to two books of short stories, the Japanese garden (2006) and the red lady (2010).


Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Aloof, slippery and distrusted in the track and outside her. To Casey Stoner there is not one pillages that it. There is no way to hook stops it to become a photo with him or who signs an autograph. And there is not no way, either, to throw the glove to him in the circuits, except this course, in which Honda feels to him of wonder. Obstinate like it is, the power to demonstrate that when fell assiduously not it did it by its little skill but by a motorcycle that is being made pass them canutas to the very same it gives forces him. It has genius. And, like a nobody bitter him a candy, also he enjoys covering mouths. In that it is east course.

With seven victories. And a single zero in the square. An abandonment that not even was fault hers, since it had been habitual when it mounted the Ducati. It was indeed that one Desmosedici piloted by Rossi the one that took it by grounds in the circuit of Sherry, as soon as initiated the championship. Of that one spot no longer it is almost nor sign. The injuries and the bad luck of Pedrosa, on the one hand, and the difficulties to be understood with their Yamaha de Lorenzo, on the other, smooth the way to him towards the title. Source of the news: : To Stoner they do not pillage it