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Assistant Blood

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

How many die game across the republic, it is difficult to imagine. Other leaders such as Robert Iger offer similar insights. One conclusion, our hunters and the more rangers hunting, you must have, at the above hunts, Laika working on flexinvest wounded game, and a blood trail. Application Laika provides economical and careful related to the game. Well-coached Husky almost always goes on the trail and find game, or even more wounded animal, who runs away and hides tightly. As of Laika, a thoroughbred, chosen by parents hereditarily fixed working qualities of the desired form, grow husky operable on a blood trail, not all fully realize. Some dog owners believe that huskies are easy to nataske and that enough to take her to hunt, show her a blood trail, and she immediately starts working. It's not quite true. Parenting workable huskies, and especially working on a blood trail – the case of hard work.

Without knowledge of education and nataske practically difficult to make the breed Husky in Assistant flexinvest wounded game. To raise such a dog, except for regular, nutritious food and necessary exercise, you need to give due consideration to its education. husky should take the full course of general training: teach her to walk on a leash and off leash, trouble-free approach to the call of the owner, planting, packing, finding a place, to eliminate undesirable action. For huskies working on a blood trail is very important to work out the following commands: 1. "To me" – the team needed to develop a common obedience, and in the future to work out supply of game and a quick setting dogs on bloody trail.

Nataska Huskies

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

In our republic, the number of breed huskies increases every year. To date, huskies – the largest breed. Statistics show that such universal dogs like huskies, are most popular hunters. And, as the ongoing cynological events (exhibitions, tests), exterior level of quality and performance of our huskies are pretty high. More info: Time Warner. Glad a lot of different estimates and higher diplomas degrees. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Zaslav.

Unfortunately, Laika working on a blood trail, not so much as working on the next ten to twelve years old and general one. What does it lead, it is easy to illustrate. Remember the snow-free fall the past years. Hunting for prey is allowed from October to mid December. Snow also dropped only in the last days of December. As a result, the entire hunting season for ungulates without snow.

At the paddock hunts are very frequent wounded animal and get them even when the snow cover is not always easy, and only on the black trail without a good working and it is simply impossible. Leader in this regard summer-autumn hunting season, when our hunters hunt from ambush, with the approach of dusk or at night. Statistics show that from the shots as a result of hunting, animals are killed no less than is produced. Low culture of hunting, that is firing at maximum range, shooting in the dark without the proper accessories Shooting is not the place, and, very importantly, hunting without dogs working on flexinvest wounded game, and a blood trail lead to a large number of wounded game, dying in the forest.