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The Child

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

SKILLS of the HOSPITABLE educator in the hospital context the / educator/a hospital/a must be characterized by a series of specific skills that will enable the child to hospital / to have a stay in a climate of confidence, security and affection. I.e., although, inevitably, hospitalized children have unpleasant experiences of discomfort and pain, that generate a negative impact with its consequent stress, we must make you feel that it does not hurt by being bad or be angry with him, but he is considered an important person and aim is to help you get well. Ultimately must? earn it? so honest. Thus, and despite everything, the hospitalization, will probably be a positive experience, as well as short and long term memory. The / educator/a hospital/a must be a person open, close, and with ability to listen, Since this allows that the / the hospitalized child/a / to feel accepted / (rewarding feeling), at the same time that provides us information about him or her; also, more likely that listen to us since we’re showing a model of ability of interpersonal relationship which will be observed and possibly imitated. Do the / educator/to hospital/to must also be flexible, respectful and cautious, in a Word, should be empathetic to. Empatizar, listen to the emotions and feelings of the child and the girl is treated of? get into your skin? and understand the motives of his behavior / attitude, and to show that we take care of the impact that produce you your problems.

It is necessary that we continued with the child hospitalized because thus we become someone significant and worthy of trust for him or her, in addition to be able to help you feel better. – As educator/hospital/a must do laugh, skill that involves developing a not hurtful irony and sense of humor in general. Be responsible, sincere / and critic will allow the child to hospital /, as well as their relatives and/or companions understand and accept the situation in which are found, feeling, therefore more objectively and clearly ready / ACE to cope, and develop a higher level of tolerance to frustration that this situation can generate.