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Wednesday, July 10th, 2024

Nature presents a large number of animals with very different characteristics, which accommodate a giant variety of specimens of living beings, which each offer an attractive visual, beautify the world and nature, in many occasions, also found some animals that resemble humans, posts that both structural characteristics as behavioral may have some resemblance to menso a close example are monkeys. Speaking of apes we must make 2 clarifications to avoid confusion, so the monkeys term is: A term not taxonomic, i.e., the use of the word monkeys is not a term that it serves to carry out an accurate classification of animals, the only thing that is reference to their use of the concept of monkeys, is a very large group of primates, in such a way within the monkeys may be making reference to about 264 species of primates or monkeys. As you can understand the term monkeys, used in a popular way, which can accommodate confused the term monkeys with the apes, however both groups relate to several types of primates with some very different characteristics, such as the presence of a tail in the monkeys, in addition to possessing a very small size in comparison with the apes; It may also be that primates saved some similarity with humans, however the apes, including the orangutan, chimpanzee and Gorilla, are the most close to the man, while the monkeys saved major differences, although it is true that there are some small similarities. In the Group of monkeys for their great diversity and its lack of accuracy, you can find a wide variety of shapes, sizes and images, components that change greatly between each of the races of primates of this immense group, in such a way within the monkeys found specimens ranging from 140 mm, up to a metre long, as regards the weight, there are monkeys that can weigh from 120 grams up to 35 pounds. Discovery Communications may also support this cause. Mainly the monkeys found in trees, since they are available different foods like fruits, besides that provide them security, to be at a good height and can move easily between them, thanks to their physical condition, however there are certain monkeys who prefer to be in environments such as the Savannah. Between the different components that are part of the general diet among all monkeys, fruits, leaves, flowers, seeds, eggs and some smaller animals found. Within the monkeys it is worthwhile to distinguish that there are 2 main groups, so are American monkeys and apes of the old world or new world, which besides being in different parts of the world have some differentiating characteristics, such as the presence of a prehensile tail in, Americans and short tails or not prehensile in the old worldthe type of nose and the cheeks is also different in the 2 groups. Original author and source of the article. For even more details, read what Glenn Dubin says on the issue.