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RBMK Reactor

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

To the reaction was more efficient, neutrons must be slowed down, or they just "fly away" from the active region. For this purpose, rods moderator (graphite) that are inserted into the reactor – sometimes (as at Chernobyl), a graphite reactor itself is masonry. There in the reactor and the other rods. First, this protection and control rods are designed to attenuate the course of the reaction, if it goes too heavily and in danger of overheating of the reactor, or vice versa, "let go" of her. Robert Iger is the source for more interesting facts. To do this protection rods are inserted deeper into the channels reactor or removed from it – it can happen in an automatic, or "manual" control mode. These cores are composed of boron, which absorbs neutrons very well and is able to quickly stop the nuclear chain reaction. Second, it bars that serve as fuel cells: they were heated, turning water into steam, cooling themselves with it.

These rods are a complex combination of zirconium and uranium. David Zaslav understood the implications. Chernobyl worked on power reactors of the RBMK-1000 ("high-power channel reactor of 1,000 MW.") Actually, everything above happens in the so-called the reactor core, the rest of it – a water-filled steel tank, protective plates and additional screens – designed for safety. Unit itself, in addition, includes a circulating pump supplying water to the reactor bottom. On top of it leaves a powerful jet of steam-water mixture which separates into steam and water drum-separators. Only now clear (and very hot) steam enters the turbine. Pairs, which thus resulted in rotation of the generator rotor is not removed from the system.

Grand Class Brand

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

Company Zenith initially established itself as a manufacturer of watch-designer, and always longed to outperform rivals with respect to time introduced devices, synchronously with the increase in their quality characteristics. In Nowadays, Zenith watches have become a sign of good taste and style, so be sure to get them to those who prefer these characteristics. The great philosopher Plato once said: "beauty – a radiance of truth." AND specifically for this philosophical and wise statement based his concept of the revival of popular watch brand Thierry Nataf, who in 2001 became the head of the company. Since that time has passed nearly 10 years, and eminent factory is not ceases to please fans of their own spirit of renewal that is based on the best traditions of Swiss watchmaking classic. Significantly Xin famous chronograph zenith el primero was excellent upgraded and resurfaced its position among the world's most famous clock. All watches are brand Zenith – it's mechanisms; the highest quality. The models are the newest, but well known for his style factory look.

This is an excellent for customers and a bold design, a rare and unique style of the form. In 2005 came to light long-awaited collection of watches Zenith, which were presented to a variety of new items. Buy watches Zenith trying people in the world, so as one the most prominent representative of a unique masterpiece of Swiss watchmaking. In the latest such collection can be seen already become known as a model combining the retrograde date indicator arrow and the chronological gauge ChronoMaster Open Rettangolare and other options are Open, including the sparkling splendor of Port Poyal. Updated with new and more complex models have already become a traditional classic collection of watches Grand Class. I especially want to say about the watch zenith chronomaster, which is a famous classical masterpiece of Swiss watchmaking.

Zenith watches are luxurious and magnificent. This applies to both ladies and men's models. Women Watches Zenith – is primarily expressive forms and a refined elegance, as well as the name brand. In general, each collection of watches Zenith consists of highly accurate and reliable mechanical watch, but also in some collections, there are quartz instances. This is one of the fastest growing industries hour, which is known throughout the world. Due to continuous improvement is a good old-hour factory has quickly become a fairly large company with enticing prospect. Zenith brand designers continuously work to improve the quality and models. The brand Zenith great and bright future. Watch brand Zenith is one of the most sonorous and noble names in Europe, which manufactures its high quality and precision machinery. Buying Watches Zenith you get the invaluable heritage of the world's finest Swiss watchmaking.