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European House

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

It said that its name was Nicola. He did not say its origin, and he did not speak on its familiar ones. Clarissa was very curious. Worse it was to have that if to raise early in the following one to go for the company. It was to sleep late and it was not accustomed.

Two days later it bound, it relutou and had finished leaving, more works of art, supper and nocturnal house, where tired it came back toward house, it is to decide businesses. One was diurne and another nocturnal one. Clarissa was invited to go in the end of week until Hampton to pass the end in the house of one of the directors of its company. Nicola did not accept therefore it worked the night. This age without a doubt a misfortune in the life of them. It was angry and was alone, to put did not have fun and saw that it was if becoming dependent of the telephone. At the beginning of the week it noticed that she was being without nervous puncture and. It bound and had always left the same program, gallery of arts, nocturnal house.

It always came back alone. In the week end it asked because it did not pass the day of sunday together in house of it. It did not accept but he accepted to go the night supper in house of it and was exactly when its parents had arrived. It was apreensiva, but she kept the invitation. It until if understood with the parents of it. In this night it left early. The father of it asked for familiar, the only thing that it wise person is that it was of the European east and owner of the most famous restaurant and the nocturnal house more stroke of a bell. The father of Clarissa tried to get more information to put the service of information empacou.


Monday, December 1st, 2014

Everything soon, Marcelo caught the jewel box and was for all satisfied house. There arriving it showed everything and it counted to its woman on the new service. the woman did not find legal very, said that she had many thieves behind jewels, that for this it could until losing the life. Marcelo gave one risadinha and said queaquilo there was simple thing, it was strong and it would face any one. All agreement, had lunchhed calmer and Marcelo was to work. Marcelo was to offer jewels to the manager of the bank. It showed everything, said that cheap age, that was fine jewels, that it would not repent itself.

A woman who was with more two men talking with the manager, entusiasmaram itself for jewels. She looked at one for one and she said that she would be interested herself for all. Marcelo was all smiling. – I take all, its Marcelo – the owner said – she looks the money to you back in the Treasury department. I am fiscal of incomes and you he is imprisoned. Marcelo took an electric shock.

The woman already had placed the jewel box in the stock market while to osdoishomensconduziamMarceloaumaviatura.Marcelotentoureagir, counting that he was employee of the bank, that only caught that small job as a peak to help in the familiar income, that was not delinquent, that the jewels was not of it, that then she arrested the owner of jewels. The inspectors did not want to know of who were the jewels. Who went for the chain was with them. The young man exactly was trancafiado. He passed the night there. In the other day he asked for to inform its wife whom already he was knowing. It came with a lawyer. She gave a work injured to remove the man of there. It only left with a condition that was to show where it catches those jewels to resell. It agreed. They had been there, but baixinho, owner of jewels, already he had known of the ordered occurrence and if. Marcelo was set free, but the jewels had been confiscated. Today Marcelo continues its simple small job in the bank. It does not intend to fold its income, if the woman to want to give the rejection, it that if it injures, but to pass for another vexame of that one, nape of the neck more. Obs: This story is true, is not fiction, alone had been changed the names of the people.