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Inner Paint

Monday, January 31st, 2022

The internal preparatory work first thing in painting the inner surfaces to remove furniture and other items that make it difficult to approach the painted surface. The remaining room furnishings and equipment – ceiling fans, chandeliers, floor heaters, radiators, carpets, as are the floors – should be covered with tarpaulin or plastic sheeting for painting, but it is better to learn from the premises. When using film should be remembered that the paint dries it longer. So on top of a polyethylene film can be put newspaper. Then you must remove the surface to all the elements of electronic devices, as well as electrical switches, wall sockets, door and furniture handles. If the old paint is flaking, it must be removed and cleaned the remaining edges with sandpaper grit medium. Add to your understanding with Carol Los Mansmann.

In case of need for places where the paint exfoliate, viscous substance is applied. Cracks in the corners, baseboards and moldings on the need to cover up. Holes from nails and screws are filled with putty. Plastered walls. After the plaster dries, it should be slightly wipe with sandpaper grit medium. If you have wood walls or wood trim, then you need to carefully examine it to identify the damaged site. You must remove the rotted pieces of wood and fill them porozapolnitelem wood. After the filler is dry, treat the surface of fine-grained sandpaper.

Need to make a smooth wall surface, because the paint does not hide, it emphasizes defects. Having a perfectly flat wall, cover it primer. Use the primer of the same type as the paint. Preparing exterior wooden walls of the house the production of exterior painting work initially removed large subjects that impede the approach to the painted surface. This items such as drainage pipes, trays, light fixtures, window shutters, window and door mesh.