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Engineering Office Carsten

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

“Milestone in light tubes finally managed it was a lot of development work, but it was worth it.” confess the managing partner Alexander Korsch green lighting GmbH and Jakub Brandalik from LightWay s.r.o.. from Prague in line. Since June 2009, the two businessmen go common ways to make it presentable tubular daylight systems in Germany. These products are colloquially also Sun tube, light fireplace or light tube. Free day and sunlight passes through them by a hemispherical dome of light in a high-gloss mirrored pipe to it then with a diffuser the diffuser, evenly in windowless or little rooms to distribute exposed. We have must determine in the distribution again and again that our systems are high recognition, but many prospective loss of heat was too high.”explains Alexander Korsch.

So have we set out with a specialist in the field of passive houses, to come up with the common expertise a solution to find”so Korsch next. The result is called BLUEperformance”. This new option package is now easily integrated into the existing systems. Also the BLUEperformance unit can be mounted at the level where the insulation and the roof or ceiling insulation is applied. The insulating glass incorporated in an Damm package also has an upper and lower high-gloss mirrored pipe flange. In theory, all already installed systems hereby are also be retrofitted”brings Jakub Brandalik. The Czech manufacturer have proved this as true inventor and constructed a thought-out and workable engine, which deserves its name. We have developed equal two variants with different U-values.

BLUEperformance 1.0 with a two panes of insulating glass and a U-value of 1.0 W / m K and for very demanding high-end product BLUEperformance 0.8 with a three disc glazing and a U-value of 0.8 W / m K “, so Brandalik next. According to the Engineering Office Carsten gross, there are some providers the market, which specified U values would not withstand scrutiny according to the requirements of a passive house. We are glad that Green Lighting is seriously approached the subject and our proposals have brought to the series production stage”, Carsten explains gross. This innovation has a thermal separation between inside and outside. Also, there is not a heat bridge”, so gross. Green Lighting received by ING.-Office gross his blessing and is run as a sole supplier of daylight systems on the homepage of the passive house specialists as a recommendation. The lighting was also not neglected in the development. Therefore has been taken in the selection of insulating glass on a high transmittance. The transmission level indicates how much light actually goes through the window. “Now for the daylight systems Lightway Crystal 300 HP, 400 HP” and for the series of silver 600 “and silver 800” the BLUEperformance package available. This year, the two daylight expert plan Korsch and Brandalik the next offensive. Standstill is regression and the bundling of knowledge with Green Lighting we can bring very quickly, serienreif real innovations on the market”enthuses Jakub Brandalik from working with Green Lighting. We are constantly in dialogue with our customers and want to further develop our products not only for reasons of marketing. Real customer benefit is our absolute priority. “So much, I can now say: our next generation of the domes is revolutionary”, finally, so Alexander Korsch. See and LightWay s.r.o..