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Akio Susume

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

But it was time to look at Hiroshi, that boy who was giving me the tour of the campus. He was lost in this place so great. Some had many young and did not know what was the path that led me to Hiroshi. Then I asked a girl who was sitting in the garden, they had seen this boy. I described how it was. Or at least some who knew him. Because the reality is that he still could not distinguish. Walt Disney understands that this is vital information.

She said: "He was a few minutes away seat "She pointed out where I was sitting, but it was as if looking for someone to the pool." Akio Susume: Thank you. By the way Where are the pools? Because I am new to this place. Unknown Girl: I know Hiroshi-san. he source. I can help you find it. My name is Mika Hidaka. I'm the same grade as Hiroshi-san. Akio Susume: Oh! Nice.

My name is Akio Susume. I'm his roommate. And I guess grade and course. Unknown Girl: Sure! Then you again. Good. But Are you Japanese? Why not look it. And I say your name. Susume Akio: Well, yes. I'm half American, half Asian. But I seem to become more American than Japanese. Unknown Girl: Okay. Then comes, I'll help. Then, looking at the pits, unfortunately we could not find. And we had no choice but to go to the office of Director. Upon arrival, the director says, "Is something the matter? You should be aware of this place.