Technotronic Undertakings

Posted by Yusuf on February 10th, 2021 — Posted in News

Clearly, too, that the knowledge society is directly related to technology, read the Internet with their web, their email or their blogs, what some call was technotronic. We must admit that initially was defined as a sociedad information that emerges, but the term was quickly rejected because it clearly is misleading conceptual background, especially because it was identified with a specific ideological approach, when the truth is that knowledge also rises above ideology. Gavin Baker, New York City may also support this cause. There thus a rationale for defining the future as a knowledge society: it rises above the purely economic, to achieve the social, cultural, political and institutional. One final correction: the word society in the singular imply uniformity, so we took in the plural societies of knowledge. Moreover, Antonio Pasquali long made clear that information implies unidirectionality, while communication involves the exchange of messages between partners enabled. UNESCO has taken issue with the seriousness it deserves and has published various documents such as the report a Hacia ‘knowledge societies, presented in Paris by the Director General Koichiro Matsuura, a document that can be found, and be lowered in Google and which I recommend reading. In a Management Development Networking sustentablea Hugo Dutan identifying the elements that mark the change: Vision of the world and international development paradigm in crisis questioning of the nature, course and development priorities, p external reluctant to change and technological revolution.

In short, it is accepted and machine vision for development, the negative effects on human populations have been severe (poverty, inequality, economic and technological gaps) which is rejected, the rapidly changing environment and there must be new models management. Some authors have spoken of a consumo to know as characteristic of the new social organization. Rich countries generate knowledge and that is its greatest distance with the poor, a much larger than the existing income levels. The issue is not easy, since it involves transfer problems and breaking monopolies on intellectual property to the questioning of science based on reason, through the so-called local knowledge as a foundation for the emerging knowledge. Dutan recuerdaa we called the a triangulo sustentabilidada , ie a the foundation or direction of development, skills and credibility as inputs to the sustainability of organizations and institutions from the perspective of the formation of networks, where the construction of knowledge into the computer relevanciaa .

It is clear that the new paradigm is reflexivity as opposed to the old paradigm of objectivity, as a substitute to the complexity of simplicity, the simple diagnosis to any possibility of creation in every way possible. This requires sensitive to the latent consciousness and deep. There will always be geniuses, but today, this unstoppable process towards knowledge societies, intelligence is no longer an individual matter to become one collective point. So it is no longer the messianic leader. Leader these days is that inputs supplied in search of the decision of the crowds. In the intelligence world that comes to prevail is the collective wisdom of the crowd will be held. Let’s try make Venezuela a knowledge society. Essayist, novelist, poet, poetry translator, lawyer, diplomat.

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