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With the learning and the repetition (reinforcement), the behaviors become more effective in the satisfaction of certain needs. When a necessity is satisfied run out the motivation, since noncause tension or inconvenience. These needs can be satisfied, be frustrated or be compensated (transference to another object). Generally before satisfying the necessity an emotional tension is generated, this is caused when finding a barrier or an obstacle for its liberation. When is not a fast exit, the tension of the organism locates indirect means of escape to obtain the satisfaction, a route can be psychological, that indicates aggressiveness, displeasure, emotional tension, apathy, indifference, etc., or physiological that are pronounced with nervous tension, insomnia, cardiac and digestive repercussions, etc. Some times that tension is " transferred or compensada" , when the not satisfied, but not frustrated necessity to.

That is to say, when a satisfaction nonwaited for, " satisface" another necessity that cannot be fulfilled; to example way we mention the case of a boy to whom refuses to him to go away of stroll with his friendly, but in return a new bicycle is bought to him. Some satisfactions can be temporary. When satisfying a necessity, can appear others. For that reason we will say that human motivation is cyclical to the being oriented by different needs (psychological, physiological or social). A behavior is a process of resolution of problems, of satisfaction of needs, whose causes can to be specific or generic. The reason is the same cause of the reason, and it is generated after the promise of the profit of an urgent necessity. In any model of motivation, the initial factor is the reason to act, the reason, desire, the inadequately satisfied necessity. The reasons make that the individual looks for the accomplishment and initiates the action, initially the reasons can satisfy in many forms.

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