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If you get a quote with the one is satisfied, it is highly advisable to arrange a fixed price, so not later increase the cost of the key service. But what is a fair price? The prices for Schlusseldienstleister vary in part extremely strong. Clues to a Munich locksmith for ordinary services should ask: the concrete task that awaits the key service must be described first described as accurately as possible. Then it asks for the expected price for just this task with the key service deal will have to be. A search on the Internet for the usual prices of key service providers revealed during usual business hours on a weekday the price for opening a door, which fell only in the castle is and basically without significant damage to the lock and the door go hand in hand with open place can do that should cost no more than about 60-90 euros. But also providers that call already sweeping significantly more costs can be found and then care must be taken.

If there is no plausible explanation for the additional costs, you should prefer to call one of the many other key services and try his luck there. It is also important to inquire about the cost of the journey of the key service always in advance. Also, you should arrange a fixed price. On this occasion, it is also advisable to ask the key service for the travel distance.Sometimes a provider that travel further away from much hiding behind unschienbaren service number with the area code of the area in which you live, yet must. This costs more money in case of doubt, but of course also takes correspondingly longer until you can be freed from the woes. Basically, you should make sure that service provider not further manufactured must arrive. In a big city like Munich, you can find always a service provider in the vicinity to keep costs low for the directions.

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