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Posted by Yusuf on August 24th, 2019 — Posted in News

If you are shooting in bright sunlight, try to position itself so that the Sun’s in the subject from the side, this will give you a nice pose and help to create a 3-d effect to the photo. The sunlight behind the subject can give a very nice dark effect but be careful to not have reflections in the lens, something that can degrade the contrast of the image.-go to solar light. 5. The direction of illumination (2) the worst type of lighting is the little flashes built into modern cameras. Not only gives you their subjects the fearsome red eyes, but it also puts all faces as formless and without shadow points. Used only in an emergency, when there is no other option. 6. The flash inside when you need to use the internal flash, keep the subjects away from any walls, especially those of color clear, and if possible, avoid that ugly shadow that appears as a contour.

Something that would not appear in a dark background. 7. Exposure using the auto exposure for their own benefit. If you have a modern House, normally the system approach by default is centered, which means that, although it makes a general reading of the scene, pay more attention to what is in the middle of the frame. What is good for us. The other good thing is that it does this reading when it is pressed for the first time on the button to make the photo. When you take and hold the button in the middle and hear a beep, not only the goal (in a camera lens auto) is set but photo reading is taken and the speed of opening and closing is also set. So, if its point of greatest interest is not in the center of the frame, is good to put it there temporarily while you set the target and makes a light reading, then move the camera at the same time that has sustained the button halfway and compose the picture of how you want to.

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