The Planning Of The Summer Garden

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HVAC/r service Gregor Hyrenbach inform the summer garden splendor can enjoy only who plan ahead in a timely manner. Spreading the flower seeds in the spring determines how the summer garden will look like and what expenses associated with his care. The Stuttgart-based company HTD garden professionals inform in this context on important aspects of the summer garden planning. Inspired by summer heat and long days, the garden unfolds its greatest splendour in the summer. A deliberate garden planning helps ensure that the garden owners can enjoy beautiful flowers, rather than to toil with a variety of heavy work. Planning ahead begins in this case with the selection of suitable plants. Flowers, trees and bushes require not necessarily large maintenance effort.

Rather the consideration of soil and site conditions, as well as a focused selection of lightweight plant species can help from the outset to minimize expenditure on the maintenance of the garden, without its Beauty affect. Just self-sowing and bushes are ideally suited to bring an easy-care and yet floral summer garden to life. The shaded area in the vicinity of trees is not suitable for the prosperity of most flowering plants. Bushes like the Cranesbill or the Hosta are an exception. You cover the floor with interesting leaf forms and beautify shady places with pretty flowers. Garden plants grow especially well in the summer. Unfortunately, this applies not only for flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees, but also for virtually any weed. Want to avoid the garden owner, to spend much of his spare time with weed, he ground such as the Canadian dogwood can grow.

They cover the soil with rich green and prevent the growth of weeds. Irrigation is an important element of the summer garden care. To meet the water needs of plants even at high temperatures, it takes either physical Commitment or an effective irrigation system. Modern irrigation technology has rain sensors, which provide plants with water only if you really need this, and thus helping to reduce water consumption. Timers ensure a sufficient irrigation also then, if is longer the garden owners out of the House. Garden planting can present themselves, strenuous work especially in large parks as pronounced, is required for the active help. The Stuttgart HTD gardening specialists are the owners of gardens and greenery actively to the side when it comes to lay the Foundation of summer garden splendor. As further service their customers offer a free journey 30 km around Stuttgart-Mitte.

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