Touring Exhibition Against Sexual Abuse

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Over 200 postcards from those affected break at June 15, 2009 in the foyer of the new town hall in Gottingen the silence about a taboo subject we are loud! Ye loud!”it says in the description of the postcards project by the Gottingen Club against – abuse e. Gain insight and clarity with figs apparel. V. The Club offers people who have experienced sexual violence in their childhood and youth, with this project the opportunity to remain anonymous and still to set a sign against the silence. Over 200 self-designed postcards of sufferers has reached the mailbox of the Association. It was painted, written, photographed, made. And every single post card contains a unique, impactful message that inevitably raises goosebumps in the Viewer. There are now enough cards to begin the once-defined goal of a touring exhibition, but more cards are always welcome. Once the cards have been issued in the long night of the churches in Haiger.

The cards reach their goal: make thoughtful, touching, and talk, without much must be spoken. It’s the Club against – abuse e. V. therefore, establishing hearing to interested parties. The abuse in childhood and adolescence does not end with the actual attacks.

Sexually abused children are traumatized. Just like in trauma by other violent crimes, bombings, kidnappings, war experiences, natural disasters, those affected are carrying their experiences for a lifetime. Trauma can influence people. Experienced sexual violence can affect all areas of life: partnership, relationship, career, sexuality in adulthood. Abuse occurs in all social strata and everywhere you will find also the persons concerned. Because sexual abuse but still remains a social taboo, sufferers have there only quite difficult. Talk about this is difficult and who does it, not necessarily the case on understanding. “A common response: bad, what you’ve experienced, but now that you finally forget.” That the victims of such experiences would often give anything, their Past easy-to-forget’, it is not clear to many. The post cards express all this. You can look behind the scenes of people who seem so, like you and me. After all, we are talking about an underreporting of about 320,000, sexually abused children and young people in Germany alone. It means victims of a sexual assault will each 4 girls and every 7 boy during her childhood. The exhibition begins on Monday, the June 15, 2009 at 14:00 with a welcome by the Gottingen social Councillor Dr. Dagmar Schlapeit-Beck and a speech by Ingo jib, first Chairman of the Association against – abuse e. V. in the foyer of the Gottingen City Hall and can be visited until 07.07.2009 there. Representatives of the media are welcome guests and welcome. How to contact with against – abuse e.V.

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