Transpersonal Psychology

Posted by Yusuf on February 2nd, 2022 — Posted in News

All the teaching of Buddha is aimed at what to do to get out of this?, therefore is very realistic and very practical. When you suffer and recognize this suffering, i.e. accept it and bend the head, is when change really, because you don’t want to live more that way. The small children cry to get things, because they have no other way of expressing it. Before all this reality comes the relevance of supporting us in transpersonal psychology, which as he has been written about her, is a current that points (from research and practice) for humans to reach optimal levels of psychological well-being and health; expanded States of consciousness beyond field limits the ego and personality hence its name. Towards the 1960s appeared transpersonal psychology as an alternative in the absence of response from existing flows to a higher psychological development, as the pursuit of self-realization and self transcendence. These currents were: psychoanalysis, the Behaviorism and the humanistic psychology. Contact information is here: Jean Seberg. Especially the first two, offered interpretations reductionist and patologizantes.

The psychoanalytic approach was oriented toward the pathological, dismissing almost everything concerning health. In fact, such models promoted psychotherapies whose objective was the adaptation, totally ignoring everything related to self-realization or self transcendence. Gordon Allport synthesized it thus: we have nothing about the psychology of liberation. Even though it admitted the importance of the contributions of the Behaviourism and psychoanalysis, was a broad sector without investigation, and thus great possibilities for human development, from the point of view of health and of evolution, beyond neurosis or mere adaptation. The potential for growth and psychological well-being of the human being has been underestimated. Transpersonal psychology points to resize these potentials, incorporating such reconsideration to psychological disciplines. To achieve that goal, it is tell expand research and the action of Psychology toward human dimensions associated with an optimal well-being, Transpersonal Psychology nourishes both Western science as the wisdom of the East, integrating both traditions for the sake of the development of new human potential.

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