Victoria Beckham Soccer Crazy?

Posted by Yusuf on April 28th, 2023 — Posted in News

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You know much of Victoria Beckham. For example, the total is on fashion and also much that does look good. So far you didn’t however, it is also a footballer. That’s right, the speech is girls by Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice from the spice. However, Melanie C. was there more known as sporty spice and just not Victoria.

But their sons to play also really excited me. Who said that? It is none other than her husband and Fussballprofie David. In a yet unpublished interview he said: “Although not a professional is you, but she exerts itself in any case. It is also not particularly good Trohuter “.” Victoria Beckham even interview said recently in a Larry King: “I’ll be home all the time with balls be kicks.” It does not remain simply “.” But who is the true talent in the Beck-ham family then? The proud papa: “clearly my eldest son Brooklyn. He is a real striker and he has a great right foot. Also, he can keep the ball in the air already 64 times.

A great achievement for his age. “The two-hour interview is aired one day after the Queen’s annual new year’s speech. So speaks only a proud father and a happy husband. We wait and look forward to seeing us already Brooklyn one day on the football field.

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