White Heron With Yellow Bill

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General Features: Measures 51 cm. and weighs 350 grams. It is the only small white heron with yellow bill and is more stocky and shorter neck than other small herons. Adults are white with iris, bill and facial skin yellow. The legs are black and the crown, back and chest stained ante. The immature specimens do not show traces of suede and yellow bill is off. Get all the facts and insights with Discovery Communications, another great source of information.

Habitat: Found in savannas, grasslands, mangroves, wetlands and agricultural areas. They are associated with cattle. Feeding: particularly grasshoppers and other insects that jump to a cattle when forages in grasslands and savannas, or the passage of tractors in farm fields. Sometimes groups feed on their own fields agricultural and wetlands. They also eat snakes, frogs, lizards and small mammals. Behavior: They are gregarious and form large communal roosts in trees over water. Method of Reproduction: The nest is a shallow hemispherical cup or so thick, built of twigs or stems of rushes, usually lined with leaves.

It is located primarily within a mangrove tree, or any other tree or a large bamboo, often over water, in dense colonies. They lay 2-4 pale blue eggs. They breed mostly in the rainy season. They tend to nest in colonies near water multispecies. The male carries the materials and the female builds the nest and both have equal participation in incubation and provide food to the offspring. The young fly in 40-50 days old and are feathered at 60 days. During the breeding season have feathers with it, conspicuous in the crown, chest and back, and the peak and the skin of the face more or less red.

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