Will Smith Is Expressed To Scientologie

Posted by Yusuf on April 24th, 2023 — Posted in News

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The actor has now expressed to all the rumours Scientology is one thing where the spirits argue there are fanatical followers, others are convinced of their Sektenhaftigkeit. You have to say, that everyone must make his own image, but the danger posed by the Scientology community, is undeniable. Many stars are simply convinced by this community. Among them are including John Travolta. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Tom Cruise is arguably the most prominent Scientologist. The actor, as is known, has a lot of friends, he, also known, repeatedly going to Scientology. The Beckham BBs he should have familiarized with the new religion. Another friend is Will Smith.

The actor and his family are very closely befriended the family Cruise. Increasingly votes loud are now that the Smith family will be converted to the “new faith”. Will Smith has refuted those rumors but now. He denied today that his family and he are converted to Scientology. Will Smith has admitted the To have been religion, however, he dealt with various religions. He interested himself just, so the actor. The actor said: “I must not Judeo be, to be friends with Steven Spielberg.

I must also be non-Muslim, to be friends with Muhammad Ali I must be also a Scientologist like us to be friends with Tom Cruise. I am a Christian. I am a student of all religions and I respect all people and their religions. “” A spokesman from Smith adds: “As a spokesman for Will Smith I can say 100% that he is not a Scientologist.” One can only speculate what these events will mean for the career of Will Smith.

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