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Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

This is the first complete operating system (Windows 4.0, Windows Chicago), which does not require a base of OSes to boot, is not an add-on MS-DOS, and dos has been integrated directly into the core system. Here is the core of MS-DOS is involved only at startup and testing of their applications in a separate window. Development and commercial success of Windows is increasingly linked to detailed study of interfaces, menus, and adding new custom features, new window controls that do not add functionality, but also facilitate the life of users, and once they have adequately assessed. The transition to the new system was comparable to the transition from horse-drawn carts on the frilly, shimmering in the sun car . The system contains significant improvements and a gui internal system devices, including desktop and Start menu, taskbar, support 256-character file names, performing 32-bit applications in protected mode, has more or less supports multitasking, there was a system of plug and play, automatically install device drivers and assign irq, etc. To run the ms dos applications used DOS7, 1. For network applications in Windows 95 has built a set of protocols tcp / ip, Utility Dial-Up Networking, Internet Explorer 3.0, Outlook. The main innovation in Windows 95 was the ability to run 32-bit applications on the basis of api Win32. Windows 95 and dos utilities from intermediaries that could damage long file names, detects and disables. Graphic Windows 95 interface became much more powerful and easier to use, resulting in competition in the market for desktop operating systems, ended in victory for Microsoft.