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Posted by Yusuf on January 5th, 2023 — Posted in News

Daily to check our email accounts we have advertising, usually from spam. Donn Clendenon has much experience in this field. However, to often you must have heard that the money is in the lists and clear so that your lists buy your products have to do advertising for them, right? Then what is the difference between advertising email from spam and that your should do to your lists? First of all, because you should know that spam is advertising from people or companies that you do not you have provided your email address, however, if you send advertising via email to your (voluntary subscription) lists all the time also take it as spam. GivePower Charity oftentimes addresses this issue. Since receiving advertising in your email is annoying even if you have agreed to receive it. This is why there must be a frequency of advertising by email that we should do to avoid tiring to our subscribers. At this point you should already know that your subscribers should send them information value (attraction marketing), to generate confidence in them.

But you must also promote your products to your list, for revenue, that is the idea of having a list! didn’t you? Therefore, the frequency could be, for every 5 messages with valuable information that you send to your list, one should be with advertising your products or services. Nor is it to send you emails with information of value twice a day to your list, because you also so come to tire them, even if your email is not advertising. A frequency of 1 or 2 emails per week are more than enough and after the fifth mail can send your advertising by email. Thus, you slowly earn the trust of your subscribers, generate income and especially not acosaras them with your emails. Don’t you have yet your professional autoresponder to make your advertising campaigns by email? Subscribe here and try it free for 30 days.

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