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Posted by Yusuf on February 7th, 2021 — Posted in News

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In this regard, indicate Alejandro Reyes, and Jose angel Velasquez embarking on a process of change management is not as easy as you might think at first due to the large number of elements involved; Besides that to do this you must be completely sure that the organization can absorb the changes and, most particularly, that its human resources understand its importance and indeed commit themselves in their performance, bearing in mind that it is a continuous process that must be treated as such and not as something transitory many times people do not commit themselves with change because they don’t know what will happen. Not knowing how to act. To reason that what’s new is not something defined, therefore a form of defense against the unknown is holding on what is known and, consequently denying what’s new. Gavin Baker, New York City: the source for more info. A process of change occurs very efficiently if everyone is committed to him. Run in both so people committed, these not can be over by the process, as if they were something alien to the same. Not the slightest doubt, that change happens through people. And for to be considered persons as part of the change process, it is necessary to know their values, their beliefs, their behaviors. Considers that there is a tendency to see people that resists a change as selfish and conservatives, since such change these people who resist believe that they will be affected since few changes received its unanimous support, lack of support can translate into a variety of behaviors that can be considered as destructive to the effort to change, therefore to adequately treat this resistance is must first understand the reasons for the same. Variety may be the causes that make which is resistance to change, consider, that the resistance to change is a symptom that requires of a diagnosis organizational deep to determine the reasons for the resistance to change, then give way to the appropriate administrative actions.

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