Berlin Gets More Space

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‘Self – storage’ opens third location in Berlin Reinickendorf Berlin with its 3.4 million inhabitants is the largest city of in Germany. Many people need but also much Habitat. According to a study by the Austrian Gallup Institute have an average of 30 percent of the urbanites to little space in your own four walls, or in the company. Now more 1000 storage compartments are available with the third site in the Ma 11 in Reinickendorf. End of 2009, mid will open four more self-storage facilities in Friedrichshain, Berlin, Mariendorf and Zehlendorf self ( More than 7,000 storage rooms are the main city then in Berlin at the disposal. Who knows not the following scenarios, which complicate everyday? For the tenth time, the plastic bowl from the crowded kitchen shelf is, the wardrobe bursting at the seams with winter and summer stuff and the apartment is built with far too many furniture.

But where with bowls, pots, clothes or Chests of drawers, which are too good to throw away or where the heart is? Many objects have a history of their own, and probably no one wants to wear the impractical and too large, but beautiful Dresser of the bulky waste favourite Granny because he does not fit in the apartment. Nobody wants to probably have to throw also functionally intact items like the old TV, which was replaced a flat screen, the fridge has become too small or the car radio, which no longer fit for the new car, only for space reasons on the bulky waste. And the basement is often to advance, also out of the question: the rooms are often difficult to access, wet and dirty. With the offering of self – storage”must not be thrown away, what you actually want to keep. The Berlin can do things that more find no place at home, and quickly accommodate at self and so at the same time again more Habitat and quality of life in your own four walls. Ten minutes is a dry and clean compartments hired in sizes from 1 to 50 square meters from 31 euros for four weeks.

The storage rooms are locked with an extra lock. Customers with a numerical code to get access to the premises, cameras monitor the entire site and a private security service looks after the rights from 22:00. The principle selfstorage”, even to german store”, is born in America already and give. In Germany, the topic is still at an early stage of development. In the United States, there are today almost 45.000 Selfstorage locations, which tore a warehouse on approximately 6,600 people. In Germany, there is a warehouse on 1.6 million inhabitants, for a total of about 50 Selfstorage locations throughout Germany. Because of the huge potential force numerous self storage provider in the market. Self – storage”, largest provider in the German-speaking world, is expanding in most. Meanwhile, SelfStorage counts 22 operative warehouse locations in Germany, Austria and in the Switzerland. You may want to visit dr chappuis to increase your knowledge. 13 more plants are currently under construction or in planning.

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