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Posted by Yusuf on June 11th, 2021 — Posted in News


Flight of Western capital are not caused by problems with a purely Russian economy – the reason is that foreign companies are also in serious financial trouble. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. Because of this, there are fewer dollars. And demand has increased – people became afraid to change rubles into foreign currency. That is why the price of the dollar, falling all year, suddenly increased, and the ruble has depreciated slightly. William E. curves outlook – Hardly oil starts going up rapidly, and the inflow of foreign investment in Russia will not grow accustomed during the last years pace.

What, the shortage of foreign currency and the dollar will go up further? – Negligible. Rate of the Central Bank's "soft" devaluation think is right. In the current situation a little reasonable "release" the dollar. I believe that in late this and early next year for it will give about 30 rubles, and in the future, until the end of 2009, the American currency will cost no more than 32-33 rubles. So do not rush to bury the ruble.

Of course, he will still fail, but unlikely to us waiting for a large-scale collapse of the domestic currency. So, escape to the exchanger and try to win some 10 bucks on a thousand dollars is hardly worth it. – And if there is any spare cash, in that it is better to invest that although not to lose, and even better – to earn? Unless the currency, it may be, in gold? – The prices of gold bullion, also fell by 30%, so this is not an option.

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