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The modern market in Russia is multinational, and consists of European, American, Indian, Asian and, in particular, of Chinese goods. The Russian buyer has developed an incorrect stereotype of Chinese goods: it is usually cheap, low quality 'fakes', sold in Chinese markets or in small kiosks, as well as the clothes of the lower class. But at the same time, if you pick up your mobile phone or camera, then with high likely to see the label 'Made in China'. Be sure your phone is really high quality, and your camera, you can do a lot of quality shots. Made in China – a mark of quality and Decent selection, and we want you to prove it.

Who Chinese products may have benefits? For businessmen it is an excellent opportunity to learn a new market segment, as often in China can meet those goods which are in Russia No one had ever heard. They will be in demand and your profits will soar. For plants and industrial enterprises in China is a huge number of machines, professional precision equipment, electronic computing systems, as well as many other things that can reduce the cost of manufactured goods by you, again, increasing your profits. Small companies can buy quality clothing from China objects of everyday use, as well as small household appliances or special products (sanitary ware, textile, paint products, wood products mills and many more) to follow the mandatory certification and re-sale in Russia. Centuries-old Chinese culture – a part of everyday life for every citizen of this country. Communicating with the Chinese, you know how much they love their country, their traditions, their religion. Personal qualities of many Chinese surprised the Europeans – the citizens of this country's impeccably bred, they have great taste, excellent education, they strive for new contacts, new knowledge, to the constant communication and exchange experience. Profession working in China honorable one, as we would say, zavodchanin, proud of his place of work and closely monitor compliance with labor standards, without compromising quality, of course. All this and much more – pledge successful cooperation with manufacturers in China, and we do everything we can to co-operation was successful and long-term.

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