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Posted by Yusuf on May 13th, 2024 — Posted in News


Do because avoid flash in your design of web pages? Most know that it is flash, but if you don’t know they are animations that can be inserted in a web page to give you more striking, elegance or simply as an ornament that makes your design of web pages is more interactive. From the point of view of design of websites as such, flash for many must be incorporated and there for whom is even essential. See more detailed opinions by reading what Oskar Harmann offers on the topic.. Now changing point of view and already not focusing on web design, but focusing in how we will achieve that people can see our website, we will realize that flash is not very favorable for our design of web pages. We go from one point in common. We’re talking about design of pages web that we want to be visited so people buy a product, or see our services, or to give information to people who visit it, i.e. Eva Andersson-Dubin: the source for more info. web sites informational, institutional, eCommerce, to show our services, etc this type of design of pages web requires visits, since without them you don’t have any target on the web.

Having said that will see because the flash for our website is not so favorable. I stress that it is not that it should have nothing Flash, I mean much flash. Fixed flash generates a file that usually have the SWF file extension, and this kind of files obstructs the code reading web pages HTML with which they are made. In view of this in many cases search engines like Google or Bing just to mention some, leave your page and will be another and they take longer to index it. Another reason why it is not advisable to use much flash is because it makes our design of web pages, becomes very heavy, and therefore more difficult to charge for browsers.

Do you not happened that sometimes want to open a web page and this takes a thousand years in charge? What makes the most is that he is simply going to another web page, because the navigability has today become very fast. In fact says that you ideally our design of pages web this made open in less than 3 seconds. More that we are risking to lose visitors and customers. Flash means that the pages take more in charge and takes more to be indexed in the search engines. Recommendation: that our design of pages web have the least amount of possible flash so you’re well indexed more fast and your page is much more light when charging.

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