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Canada – the second largest country in the world, and Quebec – the largest and most highly developed province in the country. Learn more at: rusty holzer. The official language here is French, or rather its peculiar dialect. The provincial capital is the same name – Quebec. Which, translated from French means "confluence", because it is in the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. The city is not very large, there are approximately 10% of the total provincial population. Quebec is divided into two parts – the lower and the upper city. Lower City is a rapidly-developing area, and the high contrast, saturated with ancient buildings of the 17th century stone houses and walls.

It is the oldest in Canada, the lift that connects the together the two parts of the city. Almost half the population lives in Montreal, the largest city in the province. In addition, Montreal and can be called a major cultural center of Canada. The city is rich with romantic European landscapes. The architecture combines the great Western European and North American concepts.

And this is no accident, because the population of Quebec is not only Canadian, and French roots. They even refer to themselves as "other nation "because it is not French, but not Canadians. One of the main attractions of Montreal can be called the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Montreal, copying the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. Downtown, its skyscrapers, like the American Manhattan. To understand how multinational city, enough to walk on the boulevard Saint-Laurent. This is sort of corridor between the "French" and "English" tradition. Numerous shops and restaurants are filled with national colors of France, Britain, Italy and Greece. The province of Quebec has its own festivals, which can be very interesting for travelers. The most important, of course, Jean-Baptiste Day, or Day of Quebec. It is celebrated June 24 dancing in the streets, parades and fireworks. In winter you can visit a traditional carnival, which lasts two weeks February. The symbol of the holiday is snowman who receives the keys to the city from the hands of the mayor. Winter Carnival Every year about one million tourists visited. Quebec has long been a most favorable place for immigration to Canada. It is its own program attract qualified personnel, which is certainly interesting for those who want to move to this country.

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