Household Sales

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Before you begin a transaction for the sale of a home must be sure that this is totally in order in order to be safe of not encountering surprises once begin with the signing of the contract. In the case of second hand dwellings a few important steps to follow are:-check the ownership of the seller for what to ask for the deed of the property with a note of the registration in the register. Once fact we will make sure that the seller is really the owner of the House and as such it has the legal authority to be able to sell. -Also we should check the loads of the housing situation, with what we should ask for a simple note to the property registry, our Bank shall perform this verification procedures that are necessary for the firm as. -Make sure that this not rented housing, as well as whether are paid the last receipt of the contribution and the contributions of the community of owners. Many writers such as Glenn Dubin, New York City offer more in-depth analysis. -Also it is good to ask for a copy of the statutes of the community to learn about the new rights and obligations. As well as checking that there is no any extraordinary expense which does not have to assume as the new owner. Expenditure arising out of the sale correspond to the purchaser, excluding capital gains.

Among the expenses that we have to assume the sale of a second-hand housing are tax of patrimonial transmissions (ITP), this applies on the value of the purchase that is indicated in the deed of sale. Your assessment is different depending on the autonomous community and may even vary within the same depending on circumstances. But, and in the case of new housing, in such cases as it is predictable characteristics are different, because being a new home we ask the promoter different documents to verify that once we begin with the paperwork for the sale we are not surprises such as lack of permission or any mishap that could result in an improperly acquired purchase.

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