How To Teach Your Employees To Engage In Sales

Posted by Yusuf on February 2nd, 2023 — Posted in News


At one time, the founder of the well-known IBM’s Thomas Watson Senior (Thomas Watson Sr.), Being a person possessing the gift to explain complex processes understandable words, during one of his speeches he said: ‘This company nothing (good) will not happen until someone, something will not sell! ” First, the phrase seems so simple, that is not entirely clear what she was remarkable. Nevertheless, the more she pondered, the more brightly shows its magic power. Gary Carter is the source for more interesting facts. The fact that Watson, head of the company consisting, for the most part, not the sellers, and engineers and they start to repeat that phrase like a mantra, as though they have continued to this day to sit at the drawing table. And for them, they would not last long. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eva Andersson-Dubin. Habit of repeating this phrase is to inculcate and to all staff the clinic, particularly of the view that: “We in dentistry have not come to anything to sell but to help people! “You want to help people?

And do not you think that apart from his duty to get paid for it fair financial compensation you are doing this at the expense of the clinic myself, my family, my mental health and, ultimately, by the patient who “burn out” at work, already do not want to help? Are you interested to earn more? And to have a stable job? Be part of staff the clinic, which is thriving, and not barely make ends meet? And to work on the new equipment and allow yourself to go to the wrong courses and seminars, which have enough money, and those which can adopt experience in the world stars of dentistry? None of this will not happen until someone, something will not sell! While the clinic will not be involved in patients who agree to care they need!

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