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The original is now to almost zero cost Krems test. Mailst you still or i-you talkst already? To boldly take on the point they, the advantages of a voice message (voicemail), loosely based on the slogan of a certain Scandinavian furniture store. Just business people seemingly drowning in the tide from emails, which prevent spills them daily from the mailbox. The annoying formulating, tap, and correct the response emails often eats work half a day. What kind of economic madness! But could significantly curb themselves: by the reply back, hypothetically as a voice message or voicemail is posted.

The father of all voice messages: Norbert Kloiber makes this possible evolution of communication a man who has given the market a decisive impulse for voice messages and voicemails: Norbert Kloiber, Internet marketer with international stature and name. With its innovation called i-Talk24, a few years ago he ran open doors. The idea, the tedious typing reply emails easy to replace, with voice messages, triggered real enthusiasm in my customers, is pleased the Austrians.And of course also with me. Because with this form of voice mail I had fully met in the black. Up to 75% time savings due to the form of voice mail time is money. That is why business people can not under-estimate the main advantage of i-Talk24: up to 75% time savings: emails are usually 3 to 4 times faster than typed,”explains Norbert Kloiber. i-Talk24 allows users to speak emails, as the Bill has grown him so to speak so freely. He can message without great thinking formulate, so easily, as he had become themselves on the phone.

Eliminates the time-consuming foraging mulling over rechtschreibliche and grammatical Kniffligkeiten completely. Especially since most people when speaking from the gut the right tense etc. choose something huge is difficult for them to write. And: most business people no inhibitions, to use the instrument of their own language in the face of the much-quoted develop white sheet “(or of the empty reply screen), however, most creeps over a certain respect, which can sometimes degenerate into panic. Discomfort in answering emails voicemail called i-Talk24 uses this for all of you a happy ending.

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