Lobato Hunter

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It says: ' ' – She is that the start is difficult, Visconde. Additional information is available at Emory Health. She has as many ways that I do not know which to choose. I can start of a thousand modos' '. (Memories of the Emlia, p 15). Its language is suggestive, establishes communicative bows with the readers, leaving exempts access to they stops also thinking about the best form to introduce a narrative.

Leitore of Lobato Hunter leaves of being passive and starts to occupy the place of participants of history. When the Emlia asks for to the Visconde, its publisher who initiates the first chapter, using points of interrogation, it offers to its reader reflexivas situations at the same time that it allows that this suggests, but the final decision is on account of the writer, as it affirms the Nelly theoretician Rabbit, in the citation above. After the six requested interrogative points for the doll, the Visconde is impelled to to put an end point thus to determine that sugests of the reader needs to have limits is arrived the hour of the owner of the memories to continue its writing. ' ' I went to say that I wrote an end point after the six of interrogao' '. (Memories of the Emlia, p 14). It has some tickets of the book where the author allows in them to speak of the language by means of the same one: ' ' U! the Black color exclamou. Inglesinha then says our proper language? ' ' ' ' Alice already was translated Portuguese? Emlia&#039 explained; '.

(Memories of the Emlia p 58). The Emlia is also distinguished for its way of filosofar e, is filosofando that the express doll its incredible wisdom: ' ' All the evil comes of the language? it affirms the doll. to get worse the situation exists a thousand different languages, each people finding that its is the good one, bonita' '.

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