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Posted by Yusuf on January 29th, 2022 — Posted in News

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For some reason you think that the rejection of the deal will be less painful than its conclusion. The truth is that if you want to be a trader, you have to trade, you must change your mindset to make deals with the fear of cold-blooded willingness to operate in obtaining a reliable signal. Frieda Hughes contains valuable tech resources. Work to move towards your goals and dreams, and not sit idly by and doing nothing at all. A trader who can not perform the transaction is unlikely to be successful in trading. Can you do a deal or not depends on the level of fear that generates your brain and the level of confidence that you are experiencing. (Source: James H. Billington). Fear is the result of your beliefs about the nature of the market.

What you actually fear – not market, and your inability to act without hesitation when necessary. You have to learn what fear and realize you are free in their actions or not. You really threatens the market? The market can not do anything to you that You would not let him do for himself. That generates the fear that we experience? The biggest source of fear – it's a loss. You enter the market and then come to the conclusion that you are on the wrong side of the market. Most losing traders will be willing to hope and pray that the market has turned around and waited another tick, even for one second. Losses, meanwhile, continues to grow. In fact, you're not doing anything.

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