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Android is expanding his lead over the iPhone. The Google Android Smartphone operating system secured 2012 continue the dominance of the market in the second quarter with almost 70%. Interesting is the aspect that almost four times more Android phones than iPhones were sold. Android reaches 2012 a 68.1 percent market share in the second quarter, reflecting $ 107.8 million selling Android smartphones. Thus for the first time more than 100 million Android smartphones were sold in a single quarter and thus exceeded the 50-percent mark clearly.

Comparing these figures with last year, the market share of Android based phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 was 47.6 percent. With considerable distance, follow the other smartphone platforms. With a market share of 5.4% followed by the BlackBerry platform from research in motion (RIM). This corresponds to around 8.5 million copies sold. Symbian follows with 4.1%, in the previous year, there were still 16.8% – a significant slump.

However, Microsoft’s Smartphone platform could for the first time since its launch on a market share of approximately 3.2 Percent increase. This success is due to see other Nokia. Of 5 million Windows smartphones there were approximately 4 million smartphones of the Lumia series by Nokia. According to Discovery Communications, who has experience with these questions. Platform sold smartphone market share Android 107.8 million 68.1% iOS 26.0 million 16.4% BlackBerry 8.5 million 5.4% Symbian 6.4 million 4.1% Windows phone 5.1 million 3.2% Saini Andre editorial

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