Obesity Causes

Posted by Yusuf on October 25th, 2020 — Posted in News

The causes that produce obesity or overweight are many and varied, from genetic to environmental factors. Poor nutrition or lead a very sedentary lifestyle. Although all these causes are different for each type of person, there is no two equal bodies, and each acts in a different way. Robert A. Iger oftentimes addresses this issue. That Yes, will be taken into account for not rushing to try to lose weight urgent, when it’s already too late. The most common causes would be:-intake of calories more than the body requires. These calories accumulate as fat and make a person gain weight. -Genetic causes are still not very clear, although it is believed that there is a percentage of influence according to the studies. There may be genes that act together influencing the occurrence of obesity, but are only studies without real justification.

What if it really affects is the inheritance of the habits of a father who is obese. In these cases the incidence that the child also suffers from this evil is very high in a normal case. The minor continues the same habits that his father already by habit. -With regard to the metabolism, each body manages power consumption differently, depending on the stage or status of each one. The deviation of the energy to produce fat makes it is used less for a job, what disproportionate in the weight gain and be suffering the disease. -The psychological causes are not a clear factor in its origin.

Psychological disorders are caused by this disease, when the patient feels guilty, depressed or with anxiety, which leads to overeating. -The current lifestyle also facilitates their spread. The increased intake of foods with a high content in fat and sugars, along with a minor or no physical activity, leads to upload more and more weight. The percentage of people idle increases every day: stay many hours in front of the television or computer, go to work or school always in car, consume lots of bad quality, and fast food are very notable ingredients for fall in this evil. -There are some medicines that it can cause, as some that have high content of steroids, many antidepressants. -The socio-economic factor influences in a very clear manner, especially in women, suffering from it. Especially because the woman who belongs to a higher economy, can afford the luxury of taking precautions against obesity. Can dieting, eat healthier, exercise etc.

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