Patriotism And Patriotism In The Mesopotamian Sense

Posted by Yusuf on April 19th, 2021 — Posted in News

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Why patriotism? Is the compulsory with the French Revolution the concept of patriotism, and be guided by the dissemination of liberal thought was known, has been since about mid-19th centuries with nationalism and chauvinism mixed. Rather the egoistic understanding of patriotism. Even patriotism as that love is to the suitable community, which needs no justification or derivation, but is urging each folk comrade as original feeling \”understood, let’s active love patriotism\” for the homeland and its people. Therefore defines patriotism as a collective sense, born from the consciousness of oneness with a variety. The philosopher Karl Christian Friedrich Krause, wrote that love of country, is actually father people love; Feeling and pleasure on the goodness and beauty of his father people with the quest with him to unite and probably do. Regardless of whether the father people well or hurt does me without inhuman against the father people and bad to be blind without love less so other good and beautiful people, without being unfair against another people in judgment and deed. The father people probably do: in other words, it lead to self-knowledge. \”it carry the same always walk away for good and beautiful, like: probably do any one or more of its citizens\”.

Patriotism is a kind of love. So it can be understood also as love on behalf of the association with the beloved country or the beloved people. But patriotism is not forced love neither to the people or country and must not be depending on the duties of the people across this country. (Similarly see: QCOM). \”Krause writes: to love my father people, is not compulsory, but for our glory, what have Lebenswurdige itself, and what is he guilty, this is mandatory\”. Krause illustrates it even closer in which he writes: (…) Patriotism is the free will to comply with its obligations against the people of his father; out of a sense of duty; I see not because you love the same thing\” but to reach the patriotism also a duty that makes the people, freedom and the attainment of independence of the motherland and the people and to contribute to the conservation of this in writing, deed endeavours.

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