Primate Reig

Posted by Yusuf on August 25th, 2019 — Posted in News

It was this another Primate Reig already disappeared, chronologically earlier than the Avenue lit and frequented by cars that has become today, where all those corpses of people risked ominously absolutely unknown by me. Lol Not all were unknown. Following discoveries occurred almost simultaneously. To put some order in my mind chaotic, quite dodgy at the time by the events so tremendous that they were happening, I tried exponer them myself one after the other with some method, separately. Show me. First it was giving me account that I had been there for many, many, years. To be more precise: I had previously lived in that same street Primate Reig, had disappeared a long time thanks to the urban progress. But there again again: in the same place where today magnificent homes rise, but at a time prior to its construction.

For some reason which could not decipher, I had located anachronistically in other more remote times. Secondly then, one hand landed on my left shoulder and a voice, this time Yes, quite family, told me: I’m glad you’re here. But this was not the order of exposure that I myself had imposed on me. Before the hand had perched on my shoulder, just a moment before, I discovered that familiar face among the unfamiliar faces of the other dead. It was mine. It was myself, only I was aged only twelve. Half a century before. That was a tremendous, narcotic, devastating discovery.

While the legs were shaking before being able to assimilate him, one hand landed on my left shoulder and a familiar voice said to me: I’m glad you’re here. I turned me and saw there. It was my wife, I would say that bright, the incessant rain. And you, what you do here? I have called you. Did you go? Of course.

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