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The diet of the Moon is one of the diets more known and more problems that exist. With thousands of fans and critics around the world. As it is based on the phases of the Moon is a diet that changes every year. If you want to follow the diet of the Moon 2011 solo tendras that follow these recommendations. Basically the diet of the Moon is based on fasts and medium fasts. Complete fasts are made during Moon full and new moon. In this fast only eat liquids, no sugar, no added salt, without pulp or fibres.

Only liquids. They can be juice, soups, or simply water. Please visit Comcast if you seek more information. During the average fasting which is in the other phases of the Moon (growing and fourth quarter moon) which consists of choosing one of these options: 1. fruit. Up to 5 fruits all day.

2 Salads. A dish at noon and another at night. 3. A yogurt (light) and half pumpkin 4. Gelatin with fruit 5. Only wines (which would make the same fast than the other days). It is a very strict diet but was still only 4 days per month. Although, obviously, better than doing the diet of the moon would be visit a nutritionist and which the US assemble a plan to our measure.

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